mrktplcs 2 Nov 2020:, Pinterest, Amazon France, Wayfair, Payoneer launches in UK “with 150 indie bookshops already signed up and publishers including Faber & Faber, Atlantic, Picador and Jacaranda on board.” The start of a book buying backlash vs. Amazon? (The Bookseller)

Amazon in France will suspend #blackfriday advertising at the request of the government in fear that the latest lockdown there will give Amazon an unfair advantage. (MarketWatch)

Wayfair plans a Cyber Monday week of deals. (Business Insider)

Payoneer launched Green Channel worldwide “a matching and onboarding program designed to connect #marketplaces with top merchants that have been pre-screened by the company’s robust fraud prevention and compliance capabilities.” (Multichannel Merchant)

Pinterest reported huge Q3 results: greater ecommerce and marketplace potential? (CNBC)

mrktplcs: 10 Aug 2020

eBay UK says it won’t pass the Digital Services Tax (DST) to merchants. Amazon will add the 2% levy from Sept. Reflecting its distinct tax set-up, rather than generosity. Don’t forget that even with eBay Payments they’ll still be ‘double dipping’. (Tamebay)

“Amazon should create two separate websites: One to host products sourced and owned by Amazon with verified and proven quality records, and another to host products from third-party sellers.” (Barrons

Don’t forget Pinterest: 48% of users are there to shop. Kathie Terrill considers it a marketplaces marketing channel. (ILovetobeSelling)

Is Amazon the saviour of shopping malls? (Techcrunch)

Webinar: Facebook head of industry, retail & ecommerce Beth Horn will share what: “the social network’s data is revealing about changes in consumer mindset and behaviour” on 13th Aug. (Retail Week)