IMPACT Ecommerce – 12 Nov 2020

They say:

“IMPACT Ecommerce: Research that Powers 2021 Priorities is the first of its kind—delivering brand-new proprietary research straight into the hands of businesses most affected by current challenges, before it’s released to the public. Brought to you by Digital Commerce 360, the leader in ecommerce research and news, this event will present brand-new exclusive retail and consumer data to help IMPACT ecommerce businesses for the better.

And who better to learn from than those who conducted the research themselves?

Learn need-to-know insights on topics you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • Omnichannel’s role in holiday and 2021 shopping
  • How to gain new customers (at the lowest cost)
  • Developing a full-proof supply chain
  • How Amazon has changed policies and approaches in response to COVID-19
  • The most important ecommerce trends stemming from COVID-19 that retailers must build into their 2021 strategy

Ecommerce Growth Summit from Omniconvert – virtual – 12/13 Nov 2020

They say: “eCommerceGrowthSummit – Fall edition, powered by Omniconvert, is a two-day online conference covering topics such as Strategy, Acquisition, Conversion & Customer Retention in the eCommerce Industry.

We are gathering in the second edition of this year of The Ecommerce Growth Summit to discuss the lessons that this challenging year has taught us, to regroup and reinforce together with 26 worldwide speakers and top eCommerce stores.
Watch the After Movie of the first edition with 4500+ attendees and 27 sessions with the world most influencing Digital Marketing Experts.”

mrktplcs 20 Oct 2020: Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Fabric, pandemic UK ecommerce up 50%

The pandemic transformation of ecommerce and marketplaces continues: “UK consumers will spend £141.33 billion ($180.39 billion) online this year, up a massive 34.7% from 2019. This significant increase will see ecommerce account for more than 30% of total retail sales in the UK for the first time. In 2019, that share stood at just 21.8%.” (emarketer

Amazon launches a program to pay consumers for their data on non-Amazon purchases. (Techcrunch)

Craft marketplace Etsy is now going to allow shoppers to pay for purchases in instalments. with Klarna. (Stockhouse)

12 minutes watch. eBay CEO Jamie Iannone talks about his vision for a tech led transformation of eBay. (Yahoo)

New company klaxon. Shopify and BigCommerce have a new competitor: Fabric, a new headless commerce platform startup for retailers. (PYMNTS)

mrktplcs 05 Oct 2020

Cazoo, the UK used car #marketplace app has raised £240m investment and the company is now valued at over £2 billion (or over $2.5 billion), double its previous valuation. (TechCrunch)

Inspiring #ecommerce case study: “In its fifth month since launch, achieved 3,157 orders, at an average order value of £36.64, meaning £115,667 in sales, and has been profitable since month 2.” (EcommerceGuide)

Turkish marketplace company #trendyol (Trendyol Group) has plans to expand in Europe, including the #UK, #Italy, and #Spain. (Ecommerce News)

Retailers are taking on #amazonprimeday with their own sales in Oct. (Digital Ecommerce 360)

#Amazon merchants might want to check out learning event Amafest this Thurs. (Amafest)


mrktplcs: 11 Aug 2020

June 020 saw online retail thrive with 76% YoY growth (USA) says Adobe. (Digitalcommerce360) and 41% of UK non-food retail was online. (Essential Retail)

Local #ecommerce is flourishing in 2020. A new #marketplace for merchants/SMEs in the Scottish highlands and islands called Highland Hiddle looks exciting. (Rosshire Journal)

And Nicole Vanderbilt, ex-Etsy is bringing a dose of online magic to small local bookshops for She’s hiring. (LinkedIN)

Amazon customer satisfaction has returned to pre pandemic levels. (MarketplacePulse)

Facebook is beefing up ecommerce payments with #Facebook Financial: (pymnts)

mrktplcs: 6 Aug 2020

Yesterday’s Bigcommerce IPO went with a bang: BigCommerce Stock Closes 201% Above IPO Price. (Crunchbase). 

Rick Watson points out that in this ecommerce space there is room for a more than one winner. (Linkedin)

Etsy has reported staggeringly good Q2 results and, in part, the rush for face masks was crucial. (Verge)

Two snippets from eBay: it will be holding an online 25th Birthday “sellerbration” on 25th Sept. There’s branded swag if you sign up for the virtual event. (Sadly only for USA/CA.) (eBay)

eBay UK is building “a team of expert sellers over the coming months” to provid coaching and help other sellers become successful. (Limitless)

Amazon continues to have fulfillment issues and that’s frustrating merchants. (Modern Retail)

mrktplcs: 3 Aug 20

Hyper local retail has been a COVID #marketplaces trend. And “neighborhood Facebook groups became havens for ultra-local businesses” (Modern Retail)

#etsy launches payments in 7 more countries with #adyen (Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey and the Philippines) (Etsy)

Two morsels on #fulfilment:

#Ecommerce shipment volume surges while on-time deliveries plummet” (DigitalCommerce360)

#Otto says that #returns are down due to #covid (EcommerceNews)

News on the Beast #Amazon:

10 #AmazonGo cashierless shop coming to the UK. A timely covid proof shopping experience (Retail Sector)

And #AMZ will launch 3k satellites to power the web. (Forbes)

mrktplcs: 30 July 2020

Cross border ecommerce is a slightly surprising winner from the ongoing crisis. And interestingly the USA has seen a significant increase in international trade during May. (DigitalCommerce360)

Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos made a statement to Congress: “Third-party sales now account for approximately 60% of physical product sales on Amazon, and those sales are growing faster than Amazon’s own retail sales. We guessed that it wasn’t a zero sum game. And we were right—the whole pie did grow, third-party sellers did very well and are growing fast, and that has been great for customers and for Amazon.” Here’s the full text: (Amazon)

How important is Free Shipping for online buyers? It depends on country. And US shoppers like it a lot according to (EcommerceDB)

A question: will #BlackFriday be another victim of #COVID19? Here’s a survey of the situation: (Esellercafe)

The UK based Ecommerce Expo event is entirely virtual in 2020. In Sept and Oct.

mrktplcs: 29 July 2020

#McKinsey describes the 2020 boom in USA ecommerce and #marketplaces: “10 years growth in 90 days” (See image below) (McKinsey)

(The #eBay results are dealt with in a dedicated post by mrktplcs on (LinkedIN) here. (And on here.)

#Shopify had a huge second quarter. (Business Wire)

#Ecommerce growth in #Spain has gone wild in the time of #covid: Up 67% in Q2. (In Spanish). (Ecommerce News)

Digiday explores the expensive world of #Amazon Advertising. (Digiday)

#Avalara is holding a #VAT Voice session ‘Brexit Special tomorrow 30 July. You didn’t forget #Brexit, right?