mrktplcs: 30 July 2020

Cross border ecommerce is a slightly surprising winner from the ongoing crisis. And interestingly the USA has seen a significant increase in international trade during May. (DigitalCommerce360)

Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos made a statement to Congress: “Third-party sales now account for approximately 60% of physical product sales on Amazon, and those sales are growing faster than Amazon’s own retail sales. We guessed that it wasn’t a zero sum game. And we were right—the whole pie did grow, third-party sellers did very well and are growing fast, and that has been great for customers and for Amazon.” Here’s the full text: (Amazon)

How important is Free Shipping for online buyers? It depends on country. And US shoppers like it a lot according to (EcommerceDB)

A question: will #BlackFriday be another victim of #COVID19? Here’s a survey of the situation: (Esellercafe)

The UK based Ecommerce Expo event is entirely virtual in 2020. In Sept and Oct.

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