mrktplcs: 7 Aug 2020

Publishers are trying to get a bit of the Amazon Prime day action with their own ‘manufactured’ sales event, according to (DigiDay)

The Walmart Amazon Prime style subscription service first announced in July has been delayed (again). (

Webinar: Cracking the returns challenge – exclusive preview of GFS Global Returns Pro. Join Bobbie Ttooulis, Executive Director of GFS – Global Freight Solutions Ltd, and Al Gerrie, Founder/CEO of ZigZag Global on 3rd September.

It’s always been received wisdom that sunny summer weekends (especially in August) are bad news for marketplaces and ecommerce merchants as people head out doors and don’t shop online. But in the time of COVID, we’ve yet to see whether that holds true.

Have a great weekend.

mrktplcs: 29 July 2020

#McKinsey describes the 2020 boom in USA ecommerce and #marketplaces: “10 years growth in 90 days” (See image below) (McKinsey)

(The #eBay results are dealt with in a dedicated post by mrktplcs on (LinkedIN) here. (And on here.)

#Shopify had a huge second quarter. (Business Wire)

#Ecommerce growth in #Spain has gone wild in the time of #covid: Up 67% in Q2. (In Spanish). (Ecommerce News)

Digiday explores the expensive world of #Amazon Advertising. (Digiday)

#Avalara is holding a #VAT Voice session ‘Brexit Special tomorrow 30 July. You didn’t forget #Brexit, right?

mrktplcs: 17 July 2020

#Google is experimenting with video shopping with #shoploop (Techcrunch)

Ethical, low waste online shopping has launched with #Loop in partnership with #Tesco. (Resource)

#Digiday doesn’t reckon #bigcommerce can “dethrone” #shopify in the ecommerce stakes. (Digiday)

Now 5 years has elapsed since the #eBay #paypal divorce, the marketplace is accelerating the process of transferring merchants to the new #adyen powered system of #ebaypayments that includes #applepay and #googlepay. (eBay)

Introducing a new ecommerce concept born during COVID from Thomas J Vosper: #aisle3 He’s looking for seed funding. (LinkedIN)

Event: #Lengow Day is on 1st October 2020. It’s virtual. #marketplaces (Lengow)

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