mrktplcs: 13 Aug 2020

A unicorn is a private business valued at more than $1bn, with several in the ecommerce and marketplaces space including Wish, Coupang and Gauzi (each worth circa $10bn each). More here>> (EcommerceDB)

Italy was hit hard by the pandemic. In March, web traffic increased by 60% according to this ecommerce report. (Ecommerce Germany). 

USPS continues to struggle and that’s hitting ecommerce. Marnie Levine from eBay has made a statement on how it’s protecting marketplaces merchants. (eBay)

Amazon reports “remarkable growth” for the Delivery Service Partner (DSP) programme launched in 2018, with “more than 1,300 DSPs operating across the US, Canada, UK, Spain, and Germany who have created nearly 85,000 jobs”. (Post & Parcel)

If you want to start selling on Amazon Netherlands, here’s a webinar on the 18th to how to go Dutch. (Amazon)

mrktplcs: 12 Aug 2020

#Amazon Accelerate has been announced. The free three-day event, taking place September 1-3, will feature Amazon exec, sellers, and independent experts. (Amazon)

More Amazon. It’s ramping up efforts against counterfeits with Project Zero now active in seven additional countries. (Geekwire

Stateside: Kroger to launch a marketplace with Mirakl adding 50k SKUs from third-party sellers including toys and household goods. (Multichannelmerchant)

Selling app/marketplace Mercari says it is keen to attract casual sellers as it post very solid results for Q2. (pymnts)

This post from international returns specialists Zigzag Global is an interesting look at technologies that have emerged to keep commerce running in the time of plague. (Zigzag)

mrktplcs: 11 Aug 2020

June 020 saw online retail thrive with 76% YoY growth (USA) says Adobe. (Digitalcommerce360) and 41% of UK non-food retail was online. (Essential Retail)

Local #ecommerce is flourishing in 2020. A new #marketplace for merchants/SMEs in the Scottish highlands and islands called Highland Hiddle looks exciting. (Rosshire Journal)

And Nicole Vanderbilt, ex-Etsy is bringing a dose of online magic to small local bookshops for She’s hiring. (LinkedIN)

Amazon customer satisfaction has returned to pre pandemic levels. (MarketplacePulse)

Facebook is beefing up ecommerce payments with #Facebook Financial: (pymnts)

mrktplcs: 10 Aug 2020

eBay UK says it won’t pass the Digital Services Tax (DST) to merchants. Amazon will add the 2% levy from Sept. Reflecting its distinct tax set-up, rather than generosity. Don’t forget that even with eBay Payments they’ll still be ‘double dipping’. (Tamebay)

“Amazon should create two separate websites: One to host products sourced and owned by Amazon with verified and proven quality records, and another to host products from third-party sellers.” (Barrons

Don’t forget Pinterest: 48% of users are there to shop. Kathie Terrill considers it a marketplaces marketing channel. (ILovetobeSelling)

Is Amazon the saviour of shopping malls? (Techcrunch)

Webinar: Facebook head of industry, retail & ecommerce Beth Horn will share what: “the social network’s data is revealing about changes in consumer mindset and behaviour” on 13th Aug. (Retail Week)

mrktplcs: 7 Aug 2020

Publishers are trying to get a bit of the Amazon Prime day action with their own ‘manufactured’ sales event, according to (DigiDay)

The Walmart Amazon Prime style subscription service first announced in July has been delayed (again). (

Webinar: Cracking the returns challenge – exclusive preview of GFS Global Returns Pro. Join Bobbie Ttooulis, Executive Director of GFS – Global Freight Solutions Ltd, and Al Gerrie, Founder/CEO of ZigZag Global on 3rd September.

It’s always been received wisdom that sunny summer weekends (especially in August) are bad news for marketplaces and ecommerce merchants as people head out doors and don’t shop online. But in the time of COVID, we’ve yet to see whether that holds true.

Have a great weekend.

mrktplcs: 6 Aug 2020

Yesterday’s Bigcommerce IPO went with a bang: BigCommerce Stock Closes 201% Above IPO Price. (Crunchbase). 

Rick Watson points out that in this ecommerce space there is room for a more than one winner. (Linkedin)

Etsy has reported staggeringly good Q2 results and, in part, the rush for face masks was crucial. (Verge)

Two snippets from eBay: it will be holding an online 25th Birthday “sellerbration” on 25th Sept. There’s branded swag if you sign up for the virtual event. (Sadly only for USA/CA.) (eBay)

eBay UK is building “a team of expert sellers over the coming months” to provid coaching and help other sellers become successful. (Limitless)

Amazon continues to have fulfillment issues and that’s frustrating merchants. (Modern Retail)

mrktplcs: 05 Aug 2020

Buy on Google is available free for all merchants. This piece delves into some of the mechanics, as you would expect from (Practical Ecommerce).

(Marketplace Pulse) considers the Amazon ‘fulfilment bottleneck’ that’s impacting FBA. 

eBay launches new merchant lending service post PayPal with Lendingpoint. (eBay)

Marketplace Newegg has launched an ecommerce related jobs service. (Digital360)

This is an interesting article about Thrasio which has grown by acquiring Amazon merchants. (pymnts)

If you need freight forwarding from Taiwan, this is a vital list. (ChinaImportal)

mrktplcs: 4 Aug 2020

Amazon will increase fees in the UK by 2% due to Digital Services Tax (DST) effective 1st Sept.

“We want to inform you that we will be increasing Referral fees, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) fees, monthly FBA storage fees and Multichannel Fulfilment (MCF) fees by 2% in the UK to reflect this additional cost.” (Amazon)

It just goes to show that any possible UK online sales tax will just get passed along the line to shoppers. Thanks Rishi!

#Facebook has launched a 12 week ecommerce accelerator scheme. (Techcrunch)

Lender to #marketplaces merchants #iwoca has made £100m of land during COVID. (pymnts)

Regulators have approved Amazon’s 16% stake in UK’s #Deliveroo. (FT)

Amazon Sweden is coming: it’s official. (Reuters)

mrktplcs: 3 Aug 20

Hyper local retail has been a COVID #marketplaces trend. And “neighborhood Facebook groups became havens for ultra-local businesses” (Modern Retail)

#etsy launches payments in 7 more countries with #adyen (Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey and the Philippines) (Etsy)

Two morsels on #fulfilment:

#Ecommerce shipment volume surges while on-time deliveries plummet” (DigitalCommerce360)

#Otto says that #returns are down due to #covid (EcommerceNews)

News on the Beast #Amazon:

10 #AmazonGo cashierless shop coming to the UK. A timely covid proof shopping experience (Retail Sector)

And #AMZ will launch 3k satellites to power the web. (Forbes)

mrktplcs: 31 July 2020

#Amazon delivered remarkable results for Q2 like many other #ecommerce companies. For a general overview: (Business Wire)

The Amazon #marketplaces division was the fastest growing part of the business, for the first time. Jeff Bezos said: “Third-party sales again grew faster this quarter than Amazon’s first-party sales.” (Marketplace Pulse

#payments In Latin and South America, #PayPal is now integrated with #mercadolibre in Brazil and Mexico.  (pymnts

Checkout Charlie, as site dedicated to online discount coupons and vouchers has expanded into Italy and Spain. (Ecommerce News)

Have a great weekend.