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GFS webinar: COVID, BREXIT, PEAK – What on earth happened?


We will be asking guest speakers, Bobbie Ttooulis, Executive Director of GFS, and David Harding, Customer Director: What products and categories were the big sellers? How did the carriers and networks hold up? What services did customers opt for? What were actual parcel volumes across the period, and, how did they compare to expectations and ... Read more

Ecommbash from Shopify – virtual – 9/10/11 Feb 2021


They say: 'eCommBash is the Ultimate eCommerce Conference, focused on sharing knowledge within the digital commerce community, to help you grow your business. eCommBash is different from every other eCommerce conference in the world. First off, it’s a conference where the speakers are invited based on experience and merit, who want to share – and ... Read more

White Label Expo 2021 – London – 22/23 Feb 2021

They say: "This unmissable event places thousands of online sellers, suppliers and buyers from across the globe all under one roof, ensuring that our attendees leave full of inspiration and ready to take the industry by storm! With all of the following provided, success and profit for your business is guaranteed… Source All of the ... Read more